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    I have written below what I call the 10 Commandments Of Blackjack. If you are a serious gambler, you know that the best way ot beat the house is to play blackjack.  I have written what I fell are the 10 best blackjack tips you can use to win big!


    Tip #1:  Understand basic blackjack strategy (pretty easy to figure out)


    Tip #2:  Always split a pair of aces or a pair of eights.  You don't want to hit on a 16 EVER unless you have to!


    Tip #3:  While playing blackjack, you could end up sitting at the table for a long time because you're winning big! NEVER get drunk at the blackjack tables! The Hog can't count the number of times he saw some idiot watch his chips slip away like a fart in the wind because he or she started betting stupid after a couple cool, frosty mugs of beer!


    Tip #4:  Always choose an online casino that if the dealer gets 21 he flips the 2 cards over right away. Some casinos offer blackjack and the dealer has 21, but doesn't flip the cards over. You could double down on your 10 or 11 and not know the stupid dealer has 21! Most casinos flip their cards over right away, but if they don't move on!


    Tip #5: If you're going to play at a certain monetary blackjack table, make sure you have enough money to play for awhile.  For example, its stupid to play at a $25 table with just $100.  In this case, play at the $5 tables. Sometimes the dealer gets on a role, but many times so will YOU!


    Tip #6:  Tip the dealer. Believe it or not it works!  If you're playing online, tip your self when you win and hold back some of your winnings for a rainy day! :)


    Tip #7:  Don't try to count cards. You wont figure ot out.  If you're playing online, the computer usually starts with a fresh deck anyway. Spend your time hitting and standing at the right times instead of trying to count hundreds of cards!


    Tip #8:  As stated above, when you win a big hand, hold some chips back. You can also do this online by cashing out a small amount and then coming back to the table. You'll be surprised how much money you can put back when you don't bet all your chips at once.  For example, if you win $100 on a $5 hand, why not stuff $25 in chips in your pocket instead of putting themn back on the table?  As you contine to play, you'll forget they're even there until its time to cash out!


    Tip #9:  Don't piss off otehr players at your table. If you have 13 and the dealer is showing a 6, DON'T HIT! Your fellow players at your table will let you know it!  Remember, you are all against teh dealer, so work well together and you'll win more! 


    Tip #10:  If this is your first time playing blackjack online, get a good casino bonus to start you off.  Below you will find a list of blackjack casinos that we highly recommend.  Good Luck!


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